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Posted on: January 11, 2022

Magisterial District Reestablishment Plan for the 27th Judicial District



            Pursuant to Article V, § 7 of the Pennsylvania Constitution and 42 Pa. Con. Stat. Ann. § 1503, following the Federal decennial census, the Court of Common Pleas is required to evaluate and (1) reestablish; (2) realign; and/or (3) eliminate, the individual magisterial district courts of the County.  


            Reestablish means to reaffirm the boundaries of an existing magisterial district court.  Realignment is a changing of a magisterial district court’s boundaries.  Elimination is to abolish an existing magisterial district court and distribute the municipalities and caseloads to another magisterial district court(s). 


            Washington County (the 27th Judicial District) has eleven (11) magisterial district courts.  After reviewing the caseload numbers, the current boundaries, population and demographical information for the County and its municipalities, and evaluating the workload distribution, the Court proposes to eliminate two (2) magisterial district courts and to realign each of the remaining nine (9) district courts.  The result of the proposal would be an equitable distribution of workload within the magisterial district courts and a more efficient administration of justice for the people of Washington County.


            The reestablishment plan for Washington County will be available for thirty (30) days to allow for public comment.  The plan can be viewed here.  An explanatory report can be viewed here. A copy of the plan may also be made available in hardcopy by contacting Court Administration at (724) 228-6797.  Written comments may be directed to Kathy Tarr, Deputy Court Administrator for Special Courts, 1 S. Main Street, Suite 1003, Washington, PA 15301, or by email at  Comments must be received no later than the close of business on February 14, 2022.  Comments must be specific, and include the full name and address of the sender.  


            At the conclusion of the comment period, the President Judge will submit a final, proposed plan to the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for review and approval.  All public comments specific to the proposal will be included in the submitted plan. 


Honorable John F. DiSalle

President Judge


Patrick R. Grimm, Esq. 

District Court Administrator

Link to Reestablishment Plan with maps

Link to Explanatory Report

Magisterial District Reestablishment Plan
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