DUI Court

The Washington DUI Treatment Court was formed in 2007, originally made possible through a PENNDOT grant.  The statistical data showed that the behavioral change of repeat DUI offenders was better suited through a combination of legal and health related initiatives, rather than punishment alone. This ideal also coincides with the PA DUI Association’s protocols held within the PA Countermeasures philosophy.

Currently, the average roster for the Washington County DUI Court is approximately fifty participants at any given time.  The program is an intense18-month journey, which encompasses treatment and judiciary interventions, which place public safety at the forefront.  Any violations are handled swiftly and are commensurate with the level of violations the individual has committed.  Upon completion, the DUI Court participant has met the standards set forth by statute, and has completed all recommended treatment, which is generally very intense.  The participant has been strictly monitored for sobriety and will still have to complete all of the PENNDOT requirements for re-licensing which will include a lengthy period of ignition interlock compliance.

Professional Staff

The Washington County DUI Court is presided over by President Judge John F. DiSalle and employs one administrator, two full-time probation officers, case managers, and treatment professionals.  The overall product results in a hopeful sober and self conscious citizen who can move on in life with better decision making abilities regarding impaired driving.