• The adoption process is something that is extremely important and technical.  Adoptions can be appealed, and sometimes overturned, if the filings are not explicitly correct.  To protect the welfare of your child(ren), you should not attempt to complete forms or initiate an adoption process without first consulting with an attorney to aid you in these tasks. 

Information concerning ongoing adoption cases may only be obtained by attorneys of record.  We will not provide any information to individual parties.  If you have a question regarding the process or your specific case, please contact your attorney. 

All completed adoption files are sealed and cannot be unsealed except by a common pleas judge.  Absolutely no information is/or will be available through this office without court approval. 

  • When inquiring about an adoption file, please provide a payment in the amount of $25.00 for a retrieval fee, and, if there is a research (investigator) requested, there is an additional $25.00 fee.  Please make payment to the "Register of Wills" by money order, certified check, or attorney’s check.

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