Magisterial District Judges

Information on the Revised Magisterial District Judge Reestablishment Plan for the 27th Judicial District

Minor Judiciary

The minor judiciary, as Magisterial District Judges as a whole are known, is the court of initial jurisdiction in all criminal court cases through the County and State of Pennsylvania, conducting summary hearings and preliminary hearings in cases of misdemeanor and felony offenses. The Magisterial District Judge is an integral part of the criminal justice system of Pennsylvania.

In Washington County, there are eleven magisterial districts strategically located throughout the County. Each district is served by an elected Magisterial District Judge who serves a six-year term. The Magisterial District Judges are regulated by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and are directly responsible to President Judge John F. DiSalle.

Magisterial Judge Responsibilities

The Magisterial District Judges hear civil suits filed by individual citizens or businesses where the amount in dispute does not exceed $12,000. The Magisterial District Judges can also perform a marriage ceremony.

Preliminary Hearings

In Washington County, we have a central court system which was initiated to hold preliminary hearings. In cases that are held at Central Court, a representative from the District Attorney's Office will act as the prosecutor. Magisterial District Judges are assigned on a monthly basis to preside over this Court, which is held in the Washington County Courthouse. View some of the cases that are held in preliminary hearings:

  • Armed Robbery
  • Arson
  • Homicide
  • Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse
  • Perjury
  • Rape

District Judges

DistrictDistrict JudgePhone
A 27-1-01Kelly J. Stewart724-228-8836
B 27-1-02Mark A. Wilson724-258-5106
C 27-1-03Eric G. Porter724-483-6373
D 27-2-01James Saieva, Jr.724-745-5754
E 27-3-01Vacant724-941-1015
F 27-3-02Curtis L. Thompson724-239-5050
G 27-3-03Joshua P. Kanalis724-632-3143
H 27-3-05Michael L. Manfredi724-746-1227
I 27-3-06Louis McQuillan724-746-8515
J 27-3-07Gary H. Havelka724-947-5492
K 27-3-10John P. Bruner724-222-8122


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