Jury Management

SCAM ALERT:  Neither Court Administration nor the Jury Management Division of Washington County asks the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to phone any individual asking for fine payment or to arrest people who do not appear for jury duty.  If you receive such a call, please report it to Court Administration immediately. 

Jury Service: 

Each month prospective jurors are summoned at the direction of the President Judge and the Court Administrator. Jurors are summoned for regular and special trial terms for both civil and criminal cases. 

The Court has a duty to protect the rights of all citizens of the Commonwealth, which includes the right to a fair and impartial trial by jury. Jurors play an essential role in securing that right.  

For reporting instructions, you must call the automated phone line at 855-681-5879 on the Thursday before your selection date at any time after 5:00 pm. You will enter your candidate ID number followed by your zip code. At the first prompt, press 2, and at the second prompt, press 2 again. If there is no message or the recording is not in operation, please report for jury duty. If the message states that your service is complete and you do not need to report, no further action is required. 

If you fail to call for reporting instructions and report in error, you will not be compensated for your appearance. A prospective juror who has been summoned and does not report, unless exempt or excused pursuant to Section 4503 of the Judicial Code, may be punishable for contempt of court and may be fined in an amount not exceeding $500.00 and/or imprisoned for a term no more than ten days. 

Recommended parking is at the Crossroads Parking Garage, located at 50 North Franklin Street, Washington, PA. Take the ticket at the gate and exchange it for a validated ticket when you check in at the Jury Lounge. DO NOT park in a metered public parking spot. 

If you have any further questions, please check the Juror Instructions Tab for more information or you may contact the Jury Management Clerk at 724-228-6974 or by email at jury.clerk@washingtoncourts.us. More instructions about jury service may be found here