Enforcement Officers

Enforcement Officers are assigned to cases based upon the defendant's (person who pays support) last name, as follows:

Team 1 - Enforcement Officers:  A - Led

Defendant Last NameEnforcement Officer
A - CabKelly Colussy
Cac - EdgBrooke Patterson
Edh- HermChad Teagarden
Hern - LedKayla Kraeer

Team 2 - Enforcement Officers:  Lee - Z

Defendant Last NameEnforcement Officer
Lee - NarSarah Dugan
Nas  - RotAnnette Ayala
Rou - TauJulian Pintola
Tav - ZKatherine Wachinski

Interstate Cases

Defendant Last NameEnforcement Officer
A - ZKristin Carroll-Bergman

Contact the Enforcement Officers

Email the Enforcement Officers for questions regarding your case. Responses to any inquiry sent by email will generally be provided via email to the address from where the message was sent. When sending inquires by email, you must provide your full name, your PACSES Case identification number and your Social Security Number for security and verification purposes. If you are requesting that documents or items be sent to you, you must also provide your current mailing address for verification.