Problem Solving Courts

The Washington Problem Solving Court is given the responsibility to handle cases involving non-violent substance abusing offenders through comprehensive supervision, drug testing, treatment services, immediate sanctions and incentives.

The Treatment Court program brings the full weight of the criminal justice and the components of treatment to bear, forcing the offender to deal with his or her substance abuse problems. The program additionally affords the offender the opportunity to receive an abundance of treatment services, job training, education, and allows for restorative procedures such as community service to make the offender and community whole again. They ensure consistency in judicial decision making and enhancement between the coordination of agencies and resources. This in turn increases the cost effectiveness of the program and the end result as it relates to recidivism.

Professional Staff

The Washington County Problem Solving Court is presided over by President  Judge John F. DiSalle and employs a full-time probation officer as well as a full-time case manager. A volunteer treatment team is also committed to assisting these offenders in overcoming their substance abuse problems. The treatment team meets weekly in order to staff each participant and provide the Judge with a weekly update. The Washington County Problem Solving Court is a co-occurring program dealing with individuals whose primary diagnosis is addiction while at times also having a secondary minor to moderate mental illness. This Problem Solving Court has been in operation since 2004 and has received funding from both the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.