Pre-Trial Services - Q & A

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Can I drink a small amount of alcohol while wearing a SCRAM (alcohol monitor)?

No, a small amount of alcohol will send an alert that you have consumed alcohol.

Do I need a phone line for electronic home monitoring and the SCRAM unit?

Yes, you will need to have an operational phone line.

Can I go to work or a physician’s appointment while on house arrest (EHM?)

Yes, you must provide a letter from your employer with a work schedule and the pretrial officer will give you a window to work. Physician’s appointments will need documentation to attend unless it is an emergency.

Can I be drug tested for illegal substances?

Yes, drug testing may be a condition of your bail; a valid prescription is also required for any prescription medication you may be taking.

Can I go to drug and alcohol treatment before my hearing?

Yes, you may have a drug and alcohol assessment completed before your hearing and treatment may be recommended which you will be required to attend.

Am I on probation?

No, you are on pretrial supervision and are presumed innocent.

I have been charged with a DUI and need to have a CRN completed where do I go?

Alcohol Highway Safety School at the SPHS Care Center, contact information in the resources section.

Is pretrial supervision free?

No, pretrial supervision is $40 a month payable at the Clerk of Courts.

If I violate the conditions of bail or miss a hearing what can happen to me?

You can be re-incarcerated and forfeit any monetary bail.

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