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The Job Training Program operates out the Washington County Airport located at 205A Airport Road, Washington, Pa. 15301. The youth in the program are both adjudicated delinquent and informally supervised by the Washington County Juvenile Probation Office. The youth are referred to the program based on their assessed need to acquire job related skills and experiences. The Program consists of three phases with developing competencies in building an employable portfolio, developing interviewing skills, developing vocational skills, obtaining and maintaining employment, and victim restoration. The youth progress through the phases based on their individual ability to develop and demonstrate the necessary skills required for advancement.

The Job Training Program principles are implemented in compliance with the spirit and intent of the Balanced and Restorative Justice mission by utilizing Evidence Based Practices whenever possible. The program strives to instill pro-social behaviors through the development of competencies that help youth more appropriately manage themselves and their environment. The youth participate in practical skill development through classroom instruction and hands-on practice in vocational areas such as carpentry, plumbing, auto mechanics, auto detailing, fire safety, landscaping, small engine repair, and general construction. The youth explore secondary education and are assisted with technical school and college visits all while seeking employment in the community.

The Jobs Program:

  • Promotes competency building in a least restrictive environment
  • Identifies and explores career/vocational areas of interest
  • Promotes strong work ethic through curriculum and hands-on training
  • Develops the appropriate life-skills to be successful in the work force
  • Prepares the juvenile in resume building and interview skills
  • Promotes community ties by performing community-based projects
  • Restores victims of their harm through restitution payment and community service projects that enhance the community
  • Is Pennsylvania Academic and Career Technical Training (PACTT) Affiliated
  • Collaborates with local Career Link agencies
  • Provides Drug and Alcohol Counseling
  • Provides Victim/Community Awareness Groups


Name / Title Phone Number / Ext Email
Nick Davidson - Supervisor 724-228-8531
Washington County - 27th Judicial District of Pennsylvania
Washington County Court of Common Pleas
Washington County Courthouse
1 South Main Street
Washington, PA 15301
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