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Family Court Center, 29 West Cherry Avenue
Suite 413
Washington, PA 15301
Primary Phone: 724-228-6860
Secondary Phone: Toll Free: 1-888-619-9904
Fax: 724-229-5912

Probation and parole are systematic and constructive methods of correctional treatment, which through counseling, guidance, assistance, surveillance, and restraint facilitate the offender's reintegration into society as a law abiding and productive member. The end result is a safer and better community. Probation officers should seek out the assistance in the community in the rehabilitative effort and as time allows and the court permits, interpret to the community the role of the probation officer and the purpose of probation and parole.

Compliance sweeps are conducted randomly and regularly throughout Washington County by Adult Probation/Parole Officers. Compliance Sweeps may include bar checks, searches of offenders residences, participation in DUI check points, curfew checks, and weekend and night time drug and alcohol testing. Compliance sweeps are conducted to ensure that offenders are following the rules of probation/parole and to make our communities safer.

Washington County Adult probation/Parole receives assistance during these compliance sweeps from outside agencies and law enforcement departments including Washington County Juvenile Probation Office, State Probation/Parole, State Police, local police departments, K-9 units from throughout the county, and State Constables.

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Interactive directory of available social services, which includes resources such as: housing, transportation, employment, alcohol and other drug treatment, medical assistance, food assistance, mental health services, parenting and education services, domestic violence/victim services, identification documents, legal assistance and military veteran services.

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