Adult Probation - Most Wanted Persons

The defendants listed below are wanted on warrant(s), please verify through NCIC before arrest. (Information last updated: Monday, June 12, 3:56 PM.)


Christina Gatten

Date of birth: 7/4/1981
Last known address: Washington, PA
Priors: Narcotic Sales

Elijah Hildebrand

Date of birth: 1/10/1985
Last known address: Washington, PA
Priors: VCSDDCA, Thefts, Pending Felony Charge

Jeffrey Randall

Date of birth: 7/14/1991
Last known address: Donora, PA
Priors: Narcotic Sales, Firearm Violations

Phillip Walls

Date of birth: 12/31/1986
Last known address: Washington, Pa
Priors: Narcotic Sales
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