Damon J. Faldowski, J.

Washington County Courthouse
1 South Main Street
Suite 1006
Washington, PA 15301
Primary Phone: 724-228-6830

Judge Damon J. Faldowski presides over Civil Jury and Non-Jury Trials, Orphans’ Court Termination of Parental Rights and Fines and Costs for the Clerk of Courts. He also presides over Tax Assessment Appeals as assigned and is the back up for Protection From Abuse (PFA) cases.

Motion’s Court for Judge Damon J. Faldowski is held Tuesday through Thursday at 9:15am in Courtroom Number 6.

A copy of any motion for Judge Faldowski’s consideration whether contested or uncontested, shall be forwarded to and received by his office 24 hours prior to scheduled presentation.

Please read Judge Faldowski’s Trial Day Procedures for further instructions regarding Trial Day and general courtroom procedures.


Name / Title Phone Number / Ext Email
Kay Leisure - Judicial Secretary 724-228-6830 kay.leisure@washingtoncourts.us
Jonathan McCloskey, Esq. - Law Clerk 724-228-6830 law.clerk.faldowski@washingtoncourts.us
Lauren Matthews, Esq. - Court Crier 724-228-6830 court.crier.faldowski@washingtoncourts.us
Washington County - 27th Judicial District of Pennsylvania
Washington County Court of Common Pleas
Washington County Courthouse
1 South Main Street
Washington, PA 15301
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