Washington County Court of Common Pleas

Valarie Costanzo, J.

1 South Main Street
Suite 1004
Washington, PA 15301
Primary Phone: 724-228-6826

Judge Costanzo presides over Family Court (Defendant’s last name A-Le) and Criminal Trials.

Motions Court for Judge Costanzo is held Tuesday thru Friday at 9:15 a.m. in Courtroom Number 5.

A copy of any motion for Judge Costanzo's consideration whether contested or uncontested, shall be forwarded to and received by her office before 12:00PM the business day prior to scheduled presentation.


Name / Title Phone Number / Ext Email
Lori Hoag - Judicial Secretary 724-228-6826
Mary L. O'Rourke - Law Clerk 724-228-6826
Anne L. Shekletski - Court Crier 724-228-6826