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How was I chosen for Jury Duty?

A computer selects your name randomly from a master list which contains names of Washington County registered voters, PA licensed drivers, state taxpayers and welfare recipients.

How often may I serve Jury Duty?

A new master list is drawn annually. If your name is selected, you are eligible to serve.

I recently served on jury duty. Do I have to serve again?

If, for Washington County, you served one day within a one year period of your summons or served at least three days in a three year period, you will be excused if requested. Simply check the appropriate box on the questionnaire or send a separate written request. You must list your previous dates of service for verification.

Is there an age limit for Jury Duty?

Anyone 18 or older may be selected.

I'm not a Washington County resident. Am I still eligible to serve?

Only Washington County residents are eligible to serve. If you are not a permanent resident, you must notify us in writing listing your previous and current permanent address, if applicable. Or simply fill out and return the juror information/qualification form which includes a residency question.

I am a full-time student and unable to miss classes. Will I still have to serve?

Full-time students are usually excused if requested. Either check the appropriate box on the questionnaire or send a separate written request.

I take medication and/or have medical problems. Do I still have to serve?

Just taking medication may not be a reason for excusal. Each case is reviewed on an individual basis. Excusal requests for medical reasons must include a current DETAILED doctor's excuse which is then reviewed. Sending in a doctor's excuse is not an automatic excusal as many illnesses do not prevent you from serving.

I am on active duty in the military. How can I be excused?

Those on active duty with the U.S. or PA military will be excused if requested. Either check the appropriate box on the questionnaire or send a separate written request.

My employer said it will create a hardship for them if I serve on Jury Duty. Is my job protected in any way?

An employer may not deprive an employee of his/her employment, or threaten or otherwise coerce a person because you received a summons to serve. Any employer who violates this law is guilty of a summary offense. If they penalize an employee for serving, the employee, within six (6) months, may bring a civil action against the employer to recover lost wages and benefits. The employee also is allowed a reasonable attorney's fee fixed by the Court.

My employer does not pay me while serving on jury duty. Do I still have to serve?

Check with your employer to make sure they do not pay you while serving. Many unions provide for jury duty pay in their union contract. Otherwise, financial hardship requests for excusal are reviewed on an individual basis.

I requested an excusal but haven't heard anything. What should I do?

It is your responsibility to check on your juror status. Call 1-855-681-5879 for an update. Your request for excusal may have been denied, and therefore, you will need to either report or phone-in as instructed on your summons. Another possibility is your request or our reply may have been lost in the mail.

Will I be paid for jury service? If so, when will I receive payment?

You will receive $9 per day for the first three (3) days you report and $25 per day for any days thereafter. In addition, for those who live outside the Washington city limit, jurors are compensated for mileage at the rate of 17 cents per mile. You should receive payment by check within 3 to 4 weeks after your service is complete.

I haven't lived in Washington County for quite some time. Why did I get a jury summons?

Chances are your name was selected from the voters' registration list. The Election Office does not remove names unless you notify them, in writing, that you are no longer a resident. If you send a signed statement that you are no longer a resident and request to have your name removed from the voters' registration list, we will excuse you from jury duty and forward your request to the Election Office. Please include both your old and new address.

I've been selected for jury duty and would like to serve, but I'm disabled and require special assistance. What should I do?

On the back of the Jury Summons, there is a section regarding Disability. Please call the ADA Coordinator at 724-228-6797 to discuss any accommodation necessitated by your disability.

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