Court Reporting and Transcripts

The court reporters, under the oversight of the Court Administrator, are tasked with recording proceedings before judges, senior judges, and masters. The court reporters are also responsible for the production of transcripts, upon request of the Court or a party.

A transcript is a verbatim accounting of a proceeding. This written record is produced upon request by the Court or by any party in the case, usually to prepare for future court proceedings, or to file an appeal.

Please note that a transcript is not considered ordered until the completed Request for Transcript is processed, and any required deposit is received.

For complete information and guidelines for ordering transcripts, please see the local rules of judicial administration governing transcription of the record.

Name / Title Phone Number / Ext Email
Christine Mumper - Court Reporter 724-250-4016
Amanda Rader - Court Reporter 724-223-2936
Resa Zygula - Court Reporter 724-250-6579
Sara Necciai - Court Reporter 724-250-4057
Mary Anne Curran - Court Reporter 724-250-4091
Kelly Ward - Court Reporter 724-228-6959

Procedure for Requesting a Transcript

  1. Complete a Request for Transcript form.
    (Please note that daily and same-day transcripts are not available without court approval.)
  2. File the original Request for Transcript form with the appropriate filing office (i.e. Prothonotary, Clerk of Courts, Register of Wills, or Domestic Relations), along with a fifty dollar ($50.00) deposit.
  3. Serve a time-stamped copy of the Request for Transcript upon:
    • The Judge or Master presiding over the proceeding
    • Court Reporter (via the Court Administrator's Office)
    • Court Administrator's Office
    • Opposing counsel or the opposing party, if not represented

The court reporter shall prepare, file, and deliver the transcript, once complete, upon full payment of any balance due by the requesting party to the appropriate filing office. The requestor shall serve a time-stamped copy of the final transcript invoice upon the Court Administrator's Office as proof that full payment has been made prior to the release of the transcript.

Procedure for Obtaining a Transcript that is already Filed of Record

The appropriate filing office shall provide a copy of the filed transcript upon full payment of all copy fees:

  • $0.75 per page for a paper copy
  • $0.50 per page for an electronic copy
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