Court Administration

Summoned jurors shall not be required to appear on April 13, 2020. No further calls are necessary and your jury service is complete.

If you or someone in your immediate family have a fever and flu like symptoms on the day you are to serve, please contact the jury clerk at
724-228-6974 to be rescheduled at a later date.

The Court Administrator's Office, under the direction of President Judge Katherine B. Emery has the following duties:

  • Charged with the supervision of the Magisterial District Judge Courts
  • Court Technology Department
  • Development of the annual court calendar
  • General supervision of the Probation Services Department
  • Law Library
  • Management of the arbitration system
  • Management of court personnel
  • Management of the Court's equipment and facilities
  • Management of divorce and custody cases and personnel
  • Preparation and management of the Court's budget
  • Preparation of civil and criminal trial lists
  • Preparation of the Court's annual report and statistical information