Prothonotary Office Policy 4/24/2020

Effective Friday April 24, 2020, in accordance with the guidelines promulgated by the State of Emergency Administrative Order, the Prothonotary’s office is implementing the following policy and/or procedures for the production of critical documents and dissemination of information.  In that the Washington County Courthouse is operating in a limited capacity with only essential operational functions, the following directives are to be followed forthwith. Accordingly, 
The Prothonotary Office is closed to the public except for: 

Employees of the Washington County Courthouse on business  
Officials and Staff of Washington County on business
Washington County Courthouse Judges  

Please Email or call 724-228-6770 with questions or concerns regarding entry or other needs.  

Please make every effort to conduct your business from your office location.  You may file documents using Email, USPO, FedEx, or Phone.  
Our Email is:
You may also leave documents for processing at the Security Checkpoint where you enter the Courthouse in a marked box.  
In limited circumstances, staff can meet with customers at the Security Checkpoint to exchange documents and payments.  The Sheriff on duty
Will call the Prothonotary Office to advise of the need.

If you are a Pro-Subscriber to ERS, you are able to view images of documents through the ERS portal.
Please visit our website at: for access to ERS.
If you are a member of the Washington County Bar Assn, 
You can request information at:

Specifically to accommodate document request, the following procedure(s) have been implemented:

Once a thorough online search is completed (via the Electronic Retrieval System – ERS and all electronic sources), a specific list of required documentation is to be emailed to the Prothonotary’s office via the office e-mail account   This listing of necessary materials must be received by 11:00am on the business day for which they are required.  Written request(s) received after the deadline will result in the fulfillment of the request on the next available business day. It is most important to note that request for materials must be specific and include the docket number and exact type of document as it corresponds to the specific docket entries within the Event Summary section of the ERS Civil Docket Print report.  Materials requests received prior to the 11:00am deadline will be submitted to the provided email address by 4:15pm on the same business day.  Please note: a $.25 per page fee will apply to all requisite pages necessary to fulfill the request. These fees will be deducted directly from your (copy) key if applicable. If not, we will notify you of the amount due via the email and once a check is received, a receipt will be emailed. 

*Although we will make every effort to provide accurate and timely information, the Prothonotary’s office accepts no responsibility for the information provided since this is an alternate process due to operating under a State of Emergency. We request your cooperation as we do our best to follow the evolving emergency procedures promulgated via the Courts’ orders.*

All files related to the civil divisions of the courts are kept here. These include:

  • Abuse
  • Car accidents
  • Custody
  • Divorce
  • Malpractice
  • Property dispute records
  • Rent Appeals
  • Taxes Appeals

Act 49

On October 9, 2009 Governor Rendell signed into law House Bill 1607 which became Act 49 of 2009. The Act adds additional recording/filing fees and becomes effective on December 8, 2009. The new fees include a temporary (for 25 months) $11.25 surcharge on all county offices that currently collect the Judicial Computer System/Access to Justice (JCS/ATJ) fees except on traffic violations. Additionally, a new permanent fee of $2.25 has been added, the revenue which is earmarked for the Criminal Justice Enhancement Account (CJEA). This results in a combined increase of $13.50 which will be added to the current $10 fee, bringing the total to $23.50.

Court Case Lookup

Visit the Court Case lookup via the Electronic Retrieval System.

Civil Division Information