Jury Management

If you or someone in your immediate family have a fever and flu like symptoms on the day you are to serve, please contact the jury clerk at 
724-228-6974 to be rescheduled at a later date.

Each month prospective jurors are summoned at the direction of the President Judge and the Court Administrator. Jurors are summoned for regular and special trial terms for both civil and criminal cases.

Master Juror Database

Annually, the Jury Management Division orders a new master list of jurors using names from the Master Juror Database provided by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC). This master list contains in excess of 200,000 names selected randomly by a computer. The database draws names based on voter registration, driver’s licenses, tax assessments, and welfare and food stamp recipients in order to identify a diverse and large pool of individuals. From this list the Jury Management Division will select, at random by computer, a certain number of potential jurors to be summoned for trial terms specified by the Court.

The master list and trial term lists of potential jurors are considered public records which may be viewed in the Jury Management Division’s office, during normal hours of operation.


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